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History of the Game Monopoly in Atlantic City

January 14, 2013
History of the Game Monopoly in Atlantic City

Atlantic City and Monopoly, Perfect Together. There have been many accounts of who actually invented the game of Monopoly.  The bottom line is that  Charles Darrow is best known for creating an Atlantic City variation of “Monopoly“, the  original game was called “The Landlords Game”.  Darrow was a salesman of heating and  engineering equipment but lost his job during the great depression, triggered by the stock  market crash of 1929.  He decided to create a handmade versions of the game and sell copies to his close friends. He launched Monopoly in 1933 and it quickly became a huge  success, so he decided to patent his invention. What’s truly amazing, is that today, the value of the properties on the Monopoly game board reflect the actual condition of the real streets in Atlantic City, NJ with Boardwalk and Park Place being the nicest and Mediterranean and Baltic being the slums. Atlantic City…

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Atlantic City, New Jersey

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