Duality Atlantic City 3 D Light Show Schedule & Review

July 17, 2012

Boardwalk Hall DualityAtlantic City has a cool new Free Show to check out on your next visit to the Jersey Shore.  A very cool and unique light and sound display that is projected onto Boardwalk Hall has captured the attention of visitors walking the boardwalk.  The show runs every half hour beginning at 9:00 pm until approximately 2:00 am est.  The amazingly creative show lasts about 9 minutes but the visual effects you will see will last a lifetime, read more about the creation of the show.  This will be added to out Top Things To Do in Atlantic City for sure.

FREE SHOW – Duality

  • Where: Boardwalk Hall, Kennedy Plaza viewing area.
  • When: Every half hour beginning at 9:00 pm, ie: 9:30pm, 10:00pm, 10:30pm etc
  • What: Free Light and Sound Sound Show
  • Sponsored by: The Atlantic City Alliance (ACA) and the ACCVA
  • Tip: Grab a seat on the cement boarder of the Soldier Statue in the center of Kennedy Plaza.


We arrived to the Kennedy Plaza area across from Boardwalk Hall at about 9:20pm, there were roughly 100 spectators preparing to see the show. My family found a clear spot in the center of the plaza.  Exactly to the second at 9:30 pm the show begins and immediately grabs your attention with an incredible combination of video and music.  The fact that it’s projected onto a concrete building and creates a color pallet only an artist can duplicate is great start.  The 3-D effects were fantastic and the variations of colors and music were done perfectly. We give it 4 out of 5 stars.  The only negative is that it lacked a “Grand Finally”, and the kids thought the beginning was more impressive than the end.  Definitely worth it to check out as it’s something you may have never seen before, especially great for kids.  Have fun and we will see you in AC.

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